End of the project!

Well, that about wraps it up for the Making Your Mark project. RollingSound would like to thank the staff and children at Southborough Primary, the Sir John Lillie School, The Southover Partnership School, Edmonton County School, Oaks Park High School, Woolwich Polytechnic, The Bridge Academy and Uphall Primary for making this such a fun project. We’d also like to thank Charlotte Wolff and Ian Louden from ArcelorMittal, all the staff at A New Direction and a special extra thanks to Trevor Mason at A New Direction for all his help setting up the project with each school.

Finally thank you to you for reading this blog! You can find out more about the work of RollingSound here and the further work of A New Direction here,  and don’t forget to check Charlie’s blog for more iconic Olympic moments – or why not submit your own? We’d love to know what you think of the Making Your Mark project so please do leave us a comment or drop us a line at info@rollingsound.co.uk for more information about our creative arts work with young people.

Southborough Primary School

S0me photos from the sessions with the children of Southborough Primary School in Bromley:


The Southover Partnership School

Some more pictures from project sessions at The Southover Partnership school

Olympic moments…

Never afraid of a challenge, RollingSound staff accepted the gauntlet thrown down by A New Direction blogger Charlie Tims and set out to recreate some iconic Olympic images.

Being the trendsetting types we are, lots of other people were soon at it, as you can see on Charlie’s blog here.

ArcelorMittal visit

We were very grateful to Ian Louden and Charlotte Wolff from the ArcelorMittal company, who made a visit to Southover school to talk to students there about the design challenges of building the real ArcelorMittal Orbit! Also pictured (far left) is Trevor Mason from project funders A New Direction who was an invaluable help on the project.


Bridge Academy

Students from the Bridge Academy went to the Tate Modern to find out about the work of visual artist Joan Miro as part of their Bronze Arts Awards. Here are some of the photos from the trip:


Oh dear…

Sorry, we fell into the trap most bloggers do, and stopped blogging. We were just busy – honest!